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In late 2018, two high school teachers with a love for fashion left the classroom for the change room. Deena and Abbie were on a mission to make shopping fun and accessible for all women in the Saskatoon area. Salt + Light Lifestyle was born. They began their online style community with a few new apparel pieces for sale, a great selection of curated consignment from their personal closets and a passion for helping other women feel amazing in their own skin.  They hosted a podcast with Rachel from Shift Therapies as well and joined forces with their blogging bestie from Seattle, Lana. 

From their first pop-up in September 2019, to growing in demand and popularity through community events, they realized that a physical space was necessary for the exponential growth their shop was experiencing. A rebranding was also in order and Salt + Light became Belong Lifestyle; be seen, be heard, be you.  They were determined to create an even larger community.  Despite the world shutting down in March of 2020, Belong Lifestyle continued to grow and expand as a size inclusive shop through incredible community support, private shopping options, and creative online marketing including offering style courses, personal in-home styling, and a supportive and safe online forum for women to connect. Despite the challenges presented by COVID, Belong moved from a temporary shop space to a storefront in April 2020. Belong Lifestyle became known for setting the standard of excellence in customer service and variety of styles available for all bodies within Saskatchewan, adding a second location in Saskatoon in August of 2021.

The ladies of Belong Lifestyle now employ seven other local women, participate in speaking events, a fundraising inclusive fashion show collaboration, and are constantly adding more facets to their thriving community.  In the fall of 2022, Borrowed By Belong was created. This clothing rental option provides a sustainable and budget friendly way for anyone to try a new style or experience a special apparel piece for an event.  We also recently added Belong Closet Sales on Instagram to our repertoire in a way to bring consignment back into our fashion buffet. 

Belong is continually growing, reaching and evolving to walk beside the desires of the people around them.  The faces may change, but we are proud to be at the forefront of fashion for all and to continue to provide new and innovative ways for our community to experience clothing and most importantly, to belong in their bodies.