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when you can BORROW it?

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      A carefully curated collection of pre-loved luxury pieces.  Each piece is rentable for a rate of $50/5 days.
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      Why Borrow at Belong?

      We all have that outfit we buy for that one occasion and then we never wear it again.  We're working on ways to solve this cycle by offering a rental catalogue of carefully curated consigned pieces and newly picked selections that you can rent for a 7 day period and not break the bank. 

      Freedom to try new things

      Explore different styles, discover designers, and try new things from our closet.

      Financial Freedom

      Finally the solution to wearing everything you want, no purchase necessary.

      Dare to share. Most clothes we buy end up in the back of closets or landfills. Power the sharing economy and borrow instead.

      Be a Fashion Icon

      Try something fashion forward or grab a few staples you are missing from your closet. Going on a trip- no need to get new pieces.

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